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John L. PopplePopple Construction, Inc. evolved from the tireless effort and sustained commitment of John L. Popple. During the late 1960's John Popple Trucking was established and a quarry operation began in White Haven, Pennsylvania. Later, in order to better serve the aggregate needs of the construction industry in Northeast Pennsylvania, quarries were opened at Laflin and Simpson.

Then in 1989, the family owned company incorporated the title Popple Construction, Inc. During those first years, a coal processing plant was built near the P.C.I. office. The raw product from this plant was supplied
from two strip mine operations in addition to the coal seams which were encountered during quarry activity. A generous supply of red ash was found on the Laflin property. Red ash is the residue of an above ground
fire which was ignited from a spoil band having a high content of coal. This red ash material is processed and marketed as a light weight ground cover called "Anthra-Brite". Also during the 1990's P.C.I. constructed a railroad spur from the Canadian Pacific Railroad to the Laflin property which greatly facilitates the transport of coal and anthra-brite.

The last half of the past decade has witnessed a wide spread growth for P.C.I. The projects undertaken and completed during this period have increased scope, value, and range of construction skills. We no longer are limited to construction tasks such as earth moving and grading but have expanded to massive site projects
where P.C.I. personnel are involved in additional types of work such as; water lines, storm and sanitary sewers, cast-in-place concrete, precast walls, bituminous paving and landscaping. We offer turn-key capabilities on
any project.

The company headquarters is located in Laflin, a small borough four miles northeast of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.


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